Residential service plans

XOOM Energy ONT, ULC Third Party Verification (TPV) Process

After you have submitted your enrollment for service, there is just one final step remaining – you will be contacted by a third party via email, text message and/or phone call to verify your enrollment. To make the process simple and quick, below outlines the questions that you will be asked during the Third Party Verification (TPV) process, as well as information you will need to verify.

Please note that the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) requires that any customer enrolling with an energy supplier, such as XOOM Energy, complete a Third Party Verification.  XOOM Energy is required to use the questions/scripting below and cannot deviate from the outlined script.

Please keep the following in mind when completing the TPV process:

  1. The verification process cannot begin until 10 days after you have enrolled with XOOM Energy ONT, ULC ("XOOM Energy"). If you do not receive an email or text messages after 10 days, please call 866-999-8483 to verify your enrollment.
  2. Please allow up to 10 minutes to complete the TPV process.
  3. If you enrolled in both natural gas and electricity, you will have to complete a set of questions for each commodity. (questions will be completed on the same phone call)
  4. You will need the confirmation number provided in the text message and/or email in order to begin the process.
  5. Please stay on the line until the TPV agent provides you with a confirmation number indicating that that call is complete.
  6. The TPV call will come from Sales Verification Co.

Below is a list of questions and/or information that you must affirmatively agree to during the TPV process with a clear ‘yes’ response, unless otherwise noted. Any other response will cause the TPV to fail. If you have any questions regarding your plan, price or terms of service, please refer to your confirmation email that you received when you enrolled with XOOM Energy ONT, ULC.

TPV Questions (you must respond with a clear ‘yes’ in order to proceed unless otherwise noted)

  • Our records show that you signed up for a contract over the internet to buy electricity for the home at [service location address].  I am calling today to confirm that you would like to continue with that contract. (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Do you understand this conversation is being recorded and if you are not comfortable with this call being recorded, please let me know at any time.  You are entitled to request a copy of this recording either today or in the future.  Do you understand? (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Would you like to retrieve a copy of the contract, disclosure statement and price comparison to reference during the call? This is up to you – if you want to have these documents in front of you, the TPV agent will give you time to retrieve them.  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Are you comfortable proceeding with the call in English?  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • The email and/or text message you received contained a Confirmation number.  In order to retrieve your information, can you provide me with that number?  (provide the confirmation number located in the email/text you received)
  • Am I speaking with the person whose name is on the electricity/natural gas bills for the home at [service location address](must clearly answer 'yes' or the person on the phone must be the spouse of the account holder)
  • Confirming, your name is [customername]. (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Can you please confirm for me that you signed up for a contract over the internet on [Date of Sale] to buy electricity/natural gas from XOOM Energy for your home?  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Do you understand that, if you confirm that you want to continue with the contract today, you will be buying your electricity/natural gas from XOOM Energy for [number of years of contract] years?   (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • When you were signing up for the contract over the internet, was someone from XOOM Energy or from a company that acts for XOOM Energy there with you?  (must clearly answer 'NO')
  • Did you get a copy of the contract by email from XOOM Energy on [Month, Day, Year].  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Did the email also include a disclosure statement that explains basic information about energy contracts and your rights and responsibilities as an energy consumer?  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Did the email also include a price comparison that explains how XOOM Energy’s price for electricity/natural gas compares to the price charged by your electric/natural gas utility?  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Do you understand that XOOM Energy is not your utility, is not associated with the Ontario Energy Board, or the government of Ontario?  (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • I have your electricity/natural gas account number as [account number], is this correct?   (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • Do you have any questions about how much you will be paying for your electricity/natural gas under the contract?   (must clearly answer 'NO')
  • Do you have any questions about the Global Adjustment or the other charges you will still have to pay on top of the contract price?   (must clearly answer 'NO')
  • Do you agree to continue with the contract to buy electricity/natural gas from XOOM Energy for [number of years of contract] years at the price we talked about today?   (must clearly answer 'yes')
  • You can get information about energy contracts, energy prices, and your rights and responsibilities as an energy consumer from the Ontario Energy Board.  The Ontario Energy Board is an independent government agency that oversees the electricity and natural gas sectors in Ontario.  Would you like the Ontario Energy Board’s website address or toll-free number?  
  • The third party verification is now complete.  Your confirmation number is [TPV confirmation number]. Thank you for choosing XOOM Energy as your alternative energy supplier.  Have a great day.