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XOOM Energy Identity Verification Process

It is important to all of us at XOOM Energy to protect our customers from potential fraudulent activity.  We want to ensure that the person enrolling on our website is the person on the utility account being switched to XOOM Energy. 

One way we protect our customers is using a system called eIDverifer.  This online questionnaire is designed to validate the identification of the person enrolling online.  This solution is designed and implemented by Equifax to mitigate ID Fraud. 

If triggered, the enrollee will be asked a series of questions designed so that only the enrollee can answer the questions correctly.  The questions are based on the customer’s credit file and related information accessible by Equifax.  Please note, the customer’s credit will not be affected by this process, unless the customer agrees to a credit check, which is only applicable in certain markets.

Customer Successfully Answers the Questionnaire

If the customer is able to answer the questions correctly, they will proceed to the next step in the enrollment process.  No further action from the customer is needed.

Customer Unsuccessfully Answers the Questionnaire

If a customer is unable to answer the questions correctly, they will still be able to complete their enrollment, although the enrollment will be placed on hold until the customer can provide adequate documentation validating their identity.  XOOM Energy will ask for a copy of the customer’s driver’s license, along with a copy of their recent utility bill.  These documents will be sent to a protected email address and fax number, and will only be used to identify the person’s identity.

XOOM Energy requests a copy of the customer’s driver’s license in order to identify the enrollee.  A copy of a recent utility bill is used to link that person to the utility account that is being enrolled with XOOM Energy.  We also use this to confirm that the account is the one that needs to be switched.

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