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XOOM Energy, LLC Announces New SteadyLock Electric and Natural Gas Energy Plans

February 22, 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC – (February 22, 2018) – XOOM Energy, LLC through its family of companies (“XOOM Energy”) is an independent retail energy provider that offers natural gas and electricity services to homes and businesses across North America, announces further expansion of their energy product offerings to residential customers with the launch of their SteadyLock plan.

The SteadyLock plan offers electric and natural gas customers more convenience and predictability with their monthly energy bills. New XOOM Energy customers who enroll on the SteadyLock plan pay one flat monthly charge for their energy supply, regardless of how much energy they use. With a wide variety of variable, fixed and renewable energy plans currently available, the SteadyLock plan is an example of XOOM Energy’s continued effort to offer innovative energy plan choices to their customers.

“Many service providers, such as internet and cellular, have begun offering customers flat monthly billing, making it easier for customers to understand their monthly bills and to budget each month. We wanted to find a way to offer energy customers the same option with their electric and natural gas plans, and we are excited that the SteadyLock plan provides just that,” stated Chris Phillips, Chief Operating Officer of XOOM Energy.

The SteadyLock plans are currently available in select XOOM Energy markets, in Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Canadian province of Alberta. To learn more about the SteadyLock plan, visit https://xoomenergy.comfor the U.S. and https://xoomenergy.cafor Canada.


About XOOM Energy, LLC

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