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XOOM Energy Launches Demand Response Program in Texas

April 29, 2015

With the launch of the pilot program for ComfortLock, XOOM Energy joins the Demand Response program that was recently initiated in Texas.  With Demand Response, energy customers are actively engaged in their usage and can help to reduce the stress put on the electric grid during times of peak activity.  Doing so can help to manage the delicate balance of supply and demand, resulting in more competitive prices for wholesalers, retailers and ultimately, the customer.

When XOOM Energy customers choose to enroll in ComfortLock, they are automatically enrolled in “Usage Optimizer”, a pilot program designed to help users manage their electricity with a free Wi-Fi thermostat that can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet.  Participation in the Usage Optimizer program includes the option to allow XOOM to access the thermostat and adjust the temperature so that customers are comfortable without incurring the cost of constantly changing the temperature of their home.

“ComfortLock represents a new frontier in energy management,” says Ryan Park, Director of Product Management.  “By participating in the Usage Optimizer program and allowing XOOM to help manage the electricity used during peak times, customers can actively participate in improving energy performance and rates in their market.”

In addition to the free Wi-Fi thermostat, ComfortLock customers will also receive a cash incentive for their participation in the Usage Optimizer program.  XOOM hopes that the pilot program (currently available to customers served by the CenterPoint Utility in Texas) will yield valuable information that can be used to launch similar programs across the country as early as 2016.