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XOOM Energy Debuts New Billing System

August 25, 2014

One of the many growing pains faced by rapidly expanding organizations relates to technology, specifically, the need to provide excellent customer support in the most efficient way possible.  Having wrestled with this challenge for the better part of its existence, XOOM has found a solution in RevenueManager®, a software platform designed specifically for energy retailers like XOOM.

In addition to the billing and contract management capabilities (which are critical to large energy retailers like XOOM, who work with utilities across the country), RevenueManager® will provide XOOM Energy customer service reps with the tools needed to offer excellence in customer care.  With the expansion of the its in-house call center, XOOM has deployed a rigorous schedule or training and testing, designed to develop customer care team members into “energy experts”.

Doing so will ensure that XOOM is better able to support its growing customer base of both new and established patrons, whose needs vary from market to market.

Although spearheaded by the Operations Department, XOOM employees from every branch have contributed to the development, customization, testing and rollout of the new system.  Virtually every employee has had some exposure to RevenueManager® and the majority have already received the training necessary to become proficient.

 “The launch of RevenueManager® marks a significant milestone in the operational development of XOOM Energy” says Bob Blake, COO.  “As an organization, we are working together to learn more about the software and how we can leverage it to improve cross-functional collaboration. This system provides enhanced functionality and will serve as the platform from which we base our future growth.”

XOOM Energy, LLC through its family of companies is an independent retail electricity, renewable and natural gas provider in over 90 deregulated markets across the U.S. and Canada. In Canada, XOOM Energy’s family of companies includes: "XOOM Energy Canada, ULC" (which provides services in Alberta) and "XOOM Energy ONT, ULC" (hereinafter collectively "XOOM Energy") and offers electricity and/or natural gas products in each of their respective provinces. We are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any local utility or provincial commission.
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