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Energy Saving Tips

Looking to be more energy efficient in your home or business? Use these simple tips to reduce your energy consumption:


  • Replace all incandescent lights with CFL bulbs or LEDs.

  • Adding insulation to the attic, weather-stripping the exterior doors, and caulking around the windows to seal cracks, are all great ways to ensure your house is efficiently insulated.

  • Power bars are a great addition to any home. Plug appliances and electronic devices into a power bar so they can easily and quickly be turned off when not in use while helping you save energy.

  • Using less water is easier than it seems. Switch your showerhead with an energy efficient one and cut the habit of running the water while brushing teeth.

  • In the market for new appliances? Make sure you’re comparing models and looking for the ENERGY STAR™ label.

  • Rely more on your fans than the air conditioner when possible. Don’t forget to set your fan on reverse to circulate warm air during the winter.

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